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The leader in digital jukebox entertainment for bars and restaurants, Super Amusements is proud to serve the Scarborough area. We have been revolutionizing the customer-operated industry for over 30 years, and provide entertainment options all across Ontario. Our Playdium and Virtuo jukeboxes are perfect for any establishment with a dancefloor — they’re guaranteed to get people up and moving in no time.

Jukeboxes were famously popular in the 1950’s — how have we managed to keep up with the times? Founder Henri Machildon combined his love of music with the technology of today to get jukeboxes back into the service industry.

The success of Superior Amusements is largely due to our business structure. We share profits with the restaurants and pubs that we partner with, so everyone benefits from having one of our jukeboxes. Our TouchTune jukeboxes accept major credit cards, so patrons don’t have to worry about having coins on them.

In addition to jukeboxes, we also provide coin-operated games like Got Skill, a suite of skill testing bar games, Golden Tee golf games, arcade games, and refurbished pool tables. It can be tough to find a live act every day of the week, and having one of our jukeboxes or games readily available is a great way to ensure you’ve got entertainment on hand all days of the week.

TouchTunes is ideal for small bars with no dancefloor. So, whether patrons are sitting at the bar or playing pool, our library of songs is sure to be a hit!

The features we offer:

Our entertainment systems are constantly being updated with new music from a variety of genres. From 90’s boy bands to classic rock from the 70’s, our TouchTune jukeboxes have something for everyone. With 65,000 machines in bars and restaurants across North America, Superior Amusements is a major supplier of jukeboxes and other entertainment systems.

In addition to being consistently updated with new information, our machines can connect to the internet. We know that manually scrolling through songs isn’t something that customers want to do, which is why our machines are also mobile-friendly. Customers can browse through songs remotely and find their favourite tune without ever having to leave their booth. While customers will have full reign over what’s playing, your staff can also adjust the volume, filter the genre of music, and block songs with explicit lyrics.

Our jukeboxes come with fully functional photo booths. We have interfaced them to send pictures directly to the customer’s Facebook or other social accounts. Who wouldn’t love to come back after having a look at the amazing memories they made at your establishment? You can even change the appearance of the jukebox and personalize it to suit the look of your bar. Want to dress it up for Christmas? Just contact us and we will send a representative over to get the job done.

Keeping up with the digital times, we even have a social TV to offer along with our mobile application and photo booth. If your system is in need of repairs, simply reach out to us and we will have someone head over to take a look, and fix any issues you may be having.

Entertainment in Scarborough

Scarborough, outlined by the Lake Ontario and nestled in the Scarborough Bluffs, is an administrative district in Toronto, Ontario. Greener than any other part of Toronto, it is was formerly a cluster of farms that have now been urbanized into an administrative district. The Scarborough Bluffs are a huge attraction in the summer, offering great trails for hiking, and beautiful scenic views. Home to many new immigrants, Scarborough boasts of a diverse and vivid culture. The Toronto Zoo, the Rouge Park and Rosetta McClain Gardens are just a few of the popular spots in the city.

Scarborough’s economy has flourished in recent years. While manufacturing jobs have increased, the city is also supported by the multiple transit stations, Canadian government buildings, new condominium buildings, and Scarborough Town Centre, which is a large shopping mall. Scarborough has become one of Toronto’s central business districts in the outer boroughs.

With a rich nightlife and art community, Scarborough is brimming with culture. Located just outside Toronto, it’s easily accessible by public transportation. With a lively entertainment scene, Superior Amusements is proud to claim that a large number of Scarborough businesses channel their entertainment means through us.

If you would like to learn more about our TouchTunes jukeboxes and coin-operated entertainment machines, then give Superior Amusements a call today at 1-800-528-7913 or contact us here to speak with a representative.

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