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Who We Are

Superior Amusements is the leading supplier of jukeboxes and arcade game systems in North America. Taking entertainment back in time, we have managed to make otherwise outdated technologies relevant once again.

Henri Marchildon, the creator of Superior Amusements, nurtured a passion for refurbishing entertainment equipment since his teenage years. He worked closely with his father, learning to wire arcade games to revamp pool tables. Thanks to his dedication and perseverance, Superior Amusements has played a major contributor in the entertainment sector over the last 30 years.

While jukeboxes can’t replace live entertainment, it’s a great way to ensure that you always have a way to entertain guests no matter what day of the week it is. From arcade games, jukeboxes, and even photo booths, you can rest assured that Superior Amusements will be able to supply your establishment with the entertainment it needs.

The features we offer:

Superior Amusements has become one of the largest suppliers of entertainment machines by consistently making adjustments to keep up with the times and ensure that all technology remains user-friendly. Jukeboxes were extremely popular in the 1950’s, so a few adjustments were required to make them relevant to the 21st century.

Our TouchTune jukeboxes are mobile-friendly so that patrons can scroll through the selection of songs and choose their favourites remotely. With a huge library of songs, including 90’s hip-hop to the top 40’s, users are bound to find something that they will enjoy.

Our jukeboxes also come with a fun photo booth feature, allowing users to record their memories. When patrons have reminders of what a great time they had at your establishment, they will be more likely to return in the future, and bring along more friends and family to join in the fun.

Worried that a jukebox will cramp your style, or ruin the aesthetic of your restaurant? Our jukeboxes are fully customizable, and you can design a machine to fit the look you’re going for.

When you choose Superior Amusements to supply your entertainment machines, you won’t just be met with a great product — you’ll receive great customer service as well. If you’re ever in need of service maintenance or an upgrade, simply reach out to one of our representatives. We will be happy to help in any way that we can and ensure that you’re satisfied with your machine.

TouchTunes is ideal for small bars with no dancefloor. So, whether patrons are sitting at the bar or playing pool, our library of songs is sure to be a hit!

Entertainment in Toronto

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is the hub of a diverse and vibrant culture. People from all over the world have settled in the city, and it’s bustling with a myriad of culture, ethnicity, languages and festivals. With a plethora of museums, theatres, genres of music, art forms, festivals and sports activities, Toronto is aptly referred to as the cultural centre of Canada.

Toronto is home to some of the greatest of art exhibits in North America, housing the world-renowned Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Museums and galleries such as the Parliament Interpretive Center double-up for both exhibition and educative purposes to narrate the anthology of the city and the tales of the War of 1812.

The city also hosts numerous cultural festivals. The Toronto International Art Fair, the Queen West Art Crawl, Doors Open Toronto and Nuit Blanche Toronto celebrate and showcase contemporary as well as ancient artworks. Apart from all of these, one should not forget the tourism festivals, the food festivals, the music festivals, the film festivals, and the literature festivals and events that are organized throughout the year.

An international centre for business and finance, Toronto has a high concentration of banks and brokerages in its Financial District. With one of the largest stock exchanges by market capitalization, the city is considered the financial capital of Canada. Toronto is also an epicentre for media, publishing, telecommunication, information, and film production industries. With many executives working in each of these fields, it’s imperative that they have places to relax and unwind in the city.

In addition to its rich culture and art scene, Toronto’s nightlife is nothing to be overlooked. The downtown core has a wide array of restaurants, bars, and patios for those looking for a night out. While the city has enough to entertain patrons on its own, a little extra entertainment never hurt. Many Toronto bars and restaurants are home to machines from Superior Amusements, making sure their customers are never left bored in their establishment.

If you would like to learn more about our TouchTunes jukeboxes and coin-operated entertainment machines, then give Superior Amusements a call today at 1-800-528-7913 or contact us here to speak with a representative.

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